Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of June already?
The neglect, somewhere out there is still a blog of mine, while I have been absorbed with my flickr. How on earth do people maintain all these goodies, do they still have a life out there and make time to smell the roses?
When time marches on like this, I become more aware of what surrounds me or rather what happens in that specific time frame that I happen to be in a certain place. Like this afternoon for instance, these where just a few little snapshots that I picked up at the beach in a few minutes. Yes, we have been blessed with an exceptional warm, windless winter day and if you don’t grab it, what’s the point. There are smoke breaks, tea breaks, lunchtime, exercise time etc and then there is’ me’ time or ‘our’ time.

Time has wings and marches on.

Still water?

Or would you prefer sparkling?

Special 'our' time and me?

Just ordinary folk having fun in the winter sun; just so that you don't think ,that's not me... Muizenberg Surfers corner and train in the background, one of the most scenic everyday routes in South Africa. Just another afternoon of what surrounds me but keeps me going when the next cold front decides to play havoc....These images where taken with little digital still camera and I dare say not to shabby for something that you cannot tweak at the lens...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new/old “notebook”
appears in a fancy, durable case,

is wireless, needs a strong touch and makes slightly louder clicks than a ‘mouse’. A Remington travel writer; typewriter.

I sneaked this one towards my channels as it was meant for my dad, yes, and that before fathers day {in South Africa}, kids….what can I say besides the fact that it evokes a lot of nostalgia and my feelings towards these gadgets 20 years ago were not of fondness but this one has a certain cuteness about it and wants to be taken to the Serengeti to start an African novel…. Picture it : perched tent, endless views over the plains and Livingstone meet Remington, trustworthy companion, no viruses, hard working and consistent.

Love these images from a flickr member, her wildlife captures portray something special that is really different from your usual wildlife fotos; take a peak, while I carry on visualizing going to the Serengeti… { see above}

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its really great when someone goes through so many images and says : I like this one, we want to put this up for the day on our blog.
No matter how small, its still a nice boost in such a competitive field between so many amateurs and pros alike.
Its also incredible how many moods and angles the Cape really has and that there is a platform for locals to show off the 'off the beaten track' images of the usual "postcard" scenario's.
All thanks to that enormous social network of flickr...

Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes, I know blogging about dishes must be really off the rack. But these are my last Mohicans going to another rack, as in a new/old shop in Hermanus, opening soon, [more about that later] and they needed a wash…due to dust. How often do we do all those mundane chores, like washing dishes and aren’t really conscious or aware of what we are busy with. These dishes are quite cheerful for a grey, rainy day and had to be handled with care as they are all handmade by me from that lump of clay into thin delicate functional forms. Also durable for everyday use and will continuously bring a cheer to any household, well that’s what they say.