Thursday, October 29, 2009

Its really groovy to have your foto up as a picture of the day and its not small either, very overpowering... Thanks to this flickr group of cape town live love it. Seems to me that flowers are my best models at the moment and the learning curve continues.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Cape of Storms surely lived up to its name again. Howling Gail force winds reaching up to 70 km/h at Cape Point and huge sea swells from 5-8 metres along the coast causing lots of havoc.

One place that lends itself well for watching this drama unfold is Kalk Bay Harbour. The layout of the pier creates an immense upsurge of these swells smashing with thunderous intensity and engulfing the lighthouse in the process. Quiet unpredictable and not to mention dangerous…The restaurants at the harbour have previously experienced their share of these rough seas smashing their windows, this time though it was a mere cleaning surge with a odd mussel taking a peak…


Thunderous splash

Hair raising

Boats, even safely in the harbour were rocking about and had to be continously 're-tightened'.

Warm and safe with the odd window cleaning splash.

'Warming' up at the Harbour House Restaurant and keeping an eye on the lighthouse and would you believe some daring surfers too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Muizenberg, my seaside village in the Cape Southern Peninsula, making special, splashy news today.

The New World Guinness Record making attempt of more than 100 surfers riding the same wave at the same time, today's result is not confirmed yet and also awaiting with anticipation for Brazil's later attempt. More at this website:

All registered, waiting and ready, notice the iconic bath huts in the background.

And away they go.

All lined up and again waiting for one o' clock and the perfect wave, which was challenging today as the breeze was slightly more westerly which flattens the crucial waves a little but the high tide/ full moon scenario had a major role to play...

Look everyone here we are...riding the wave...

So , the result of this will be announced later, beautiful day for the onlookers, only the surf was not quite up...

Somewhere in all this excitement, time stood still. Historical clock tower by Muizenberg train station, time to give this beauty her maintenance...

Brazil is next in a few hours time.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...