Friday, January 30, 2009

White Field Day:

A late flowering, white Agapanthus {indigenous plant} was demanding my attention lately, every time I passed it I said to myself, I must “shoot” it. The white flowers viewed from above reminded me of puffed up bridal dresses but eventually the angle I decided on made me realize what an intense blue sky was on display today. No touch ups or changes; just good old fashioned honest blue. Then I decided to search for other white blossoms in the garden and what a field day.

The Myrtle bush is in full “bee-swing” blossoms but another pollinator, a serious beetle, stirring up some interest in this frame. Notice the little white dots to fool as another pair of eyes.

Even the end of a common peppermint herb, tiny white blossoms.

Again, small bell like flowers against that “untouched” perfect blue sky.

What can I say, the strawberries are still producing. Its way passed their official season, happy hardworking fellows.

Even the peppers are hard at work, its going to take a while for this particular one to reach maturity, but luckily some are ready for us to enjoy. It’s indescribable to have this beautiful, perfect specimen evoking the senses: the smell, the texture, the taste, the crunch of water kept in those cells and the knowing it’s been growing under your eyes organically, safely.

Well, otherwise this chap, the cape dwarf chameleon would not be here. Holding on for dear life in the very delicate coriander bush {also with white fluffy flowers and seeds} concentrating, seriously rotating those eyes of 360 degrees turn, what envy.

Enjoy the weekend and keep an eye on those little creatures…

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm doing it again. I have entered a fierce foto competiton, run by a local Afrikaans newspaper/website:" tons" of images of the beautiful Cape, go and have a look to get the feeling of every possible angle of some iconic places in the Western Cape. Some images are very interesting if you check the rest of the galleries. With me, they decided on the tranquil image of the Muizenberg bathing huts. {by Anja F. C.}

And as promised the Mauritian images that reminded me of this particular tranquility, taken in November 2007, oooh how I would love to be there again, but a dream for most and I had the pleasure of experiencing it and now being able to share...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Escaping the ice cold South -Easter sea winds; one of the many the things to incorporate in a country day drive is a trip to Butterfly World, near Paarl in the Cape Winelands. It's really a interesting way to experience some tropical-ness with all these unusual creatures fluttering by.

It does not get more tropical than this...

How about some orange flame, well that's its name.

The pattern on this owl butterfly lends itself beautifully for inspiration on some handmade glass work or translucency of porcelain...

Why on earth did we come up with the most strangest names for these exquisite creatures? Butterfly? I ask you, a fly in the butter? In German: Schmetterling, so harsh, the sound of a trumpet "schmettern", correct me if I'm wrong...In Afrikaans: Skoenlapper, movement of wings on a shoe? The French have a nice one, not sure what it means directly translated: Papillion, must have something to do with the pupae that the insects morph from? I'm open to corrections and suggestions and would love a new name for the" flutterbyes"...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Muizenberg’s best kept secret:

Not an everyday occurrence in summer, when the wind changes direction, namely a north westerly, Muizenberg's water transcends into a gentle island lapping style with the most amazing blues and jade. And better yet, things are nearly back to normal, meaning most people are back at work, it’s only the school kids left and then we can have our beach back. I must say quite a number of tourists are visiting and the Germans, hey, I can understand you, so keep it done a notch, just kidding… this is for the rest that are shivering in the north, it will melt the ice or make you really cold, sorry, there is a southern hemisphere and we are having SUMMER…

Nearly five o' clock in the afternoon and the water was pleasantly warm. Lazy' island ' waves.

What a life, come back from work and you can still enjoy some sunny last hours of the day.

At eight in the evening, tranquil drama. This was really an unusual sunset, it reminded me a little of Mauritius, you will see why, next time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just when you thought the festive season has come to an end, snail mail, postal services are still catching up and I received this beautiful handmade card from my aunt, in California ,today... It always is such a treat, the interesting watercolour/collage creations.

more detail

Finally,... the tomatoes have found their blush and even push their limits to the oddest shapes, bordering on 'rude' fruit. Perfect peppers for a 'still life', and us beaming to have such a beautiful harvest. Now does anyone have more creative ideas or recipes for beans?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Captured, the last sunset of 2008, from Noordhoek beach. A moment in time coming to a standstill as the next second continues...the power of the camera? the power of the story behind the picture in that fragment of time? the power of time?

As time is again marching on and leaving some mere mortals behind to catch up, I want to wish all my readers the very best for the year ahead and may it be a fine two thousand & nine.