Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sinful overindulgence!

Another long weekend has come and gone and another one is staring us in the face. After that there will be none for quite some time, really weird distribution of time off. Once in a blue moon when it starts getting cooler, some sort of comfort food awakens our taste buds. This one came in an overdose for the sweet tooth.

All this passion and detail to building these delicate French patisserie’s had to get some serious notice. No wonder Marie Antoinette said:” let them eat cake”. Now, we have the real ‘stuff’ a French pastry maker in Cape Town. unfortunately the website is under construction. Nevertheless, I hope that my presentation is justifiable with all the decadence, what do you think?

Over the long weekend I also managed to join flickr. {And the crowd goes crazy} Romanticising the idea of getting famous? Also just to pick up some photographic speed….Still early days but will tweak it. Most images and ideas will start there before I put a story together here, so feel free to check out images that don’t make it to the blog or vice versa.

Creme Brulee, the way it should be.

Symphonic cheesecake, irresistable...

Last but definitely not least, this chocolate decadence goes to a very special lady.

Happy Birthday Tutti.

Thank you for sharing this very momentous occasion and letting us contribute to a memorable event in your life. All the very best.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catch of the weekend:

Yes, it’s a bit late to come up with a weekender story but think of it as one of the many long weekends in this month…

It’s the in-laws, normally not a ‘blogging’ subject but if there is a birthday {father in-law} and a getaway involved then there is also ample of ‘happy snapping’ opportunities to catch up on, especially in the “country”.

Youngest brother in law and his better half organised a weekend getaway near Caledon, the capitol of the diverse Overberg region. The main aim really, besides all the obvious, was to catch the most talked about fish and all its processes involved, the famous trout. I have a very weak spot for the trout {forelle}and I can appreciate the delicate fine art involved in this sport and as Murphy’s law has it , the few occasions the brothers and their better halves get together we always without fail have extreme 4 seasons weather conditions. So, I take my hat off to Johan and Iona, for proving to us that it is possible under any conditions {like strong winds}, okay, they [with] drew the line when rain approached. Once again a big thank you for a wonderful weekend and a different opportunity to celebrate a family birthday, it was a good getaway, proof is in the pudding, actually the trout delicatessen and the millions of images I cannot eliminate even if cloudy conditions were of essence…

Real Beauties of the day: Rainbow trout.

Parked home at the end of the [railway] line…{where is everybody?}

All screws still tightly on?

Another look at being off the beaten track or derailed. {After my vote can we fix this? I want this, all the railway lines, to work!!! Ja, I wake up and….got off the track}

Still life of guinea fowl feather.

I‘m drawn to all things rusted and weathered, must be the lack of iron in the system? Detail of a gate.

If something didn’t move in the bush I would have not found these beauties, not even the lack of sunlight can dim their positive glow. Indigenous bulbs that only flower in late summer early autumn in the western Cape region called Haemanthus coccineus or commonly known as blood lily and plenty more names.

Preparation for the meat meal or better known as ‘braaivleis’ [barbeque] German adaptation pronounced ‘breifleisch’…..

So, where is the supportive confidence in the fisherman’s catching abilities? How must they feel?

Well, the fire is being started and everyone is throwing a beady eye as the surrounding is very dry and the wind very strong…

My other beady eye was watching the sky and one thing is certain, the time towards sunset is always dramatic no matter what the conditions. As we enjoyed the no electricity concept we could also indulge in the starry sky that always strangely reaches the earth …

Beginning of the painterly drama unfolding all within half hour watching the changing light ...

The next day I threw in the towel for outdoor shooting, yep the winter is slowly showing its face brrrr…

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I think it’s now safe to say that autumn is creeping upon us. The days are getting shorter and the mornings and evenings are definitely nippier, laden with dew. The colours though are something else and there is a predominant pull towards things purple and kind of egg shaped.

Fresh purple {red skinned} figs are really a delicacy with perfect red globe grapes and pomegranates, chopped pistachios as illusions of fallen leaves, perhaps?

This eggfruit or brinjal really had me going. First it was a nice surprise to find it in the garden, as I was not familiar with this plant at all. Trying to capture this fruit, well there is still lots to learn of special effects and tricks of the trade as they say.

Looking for a different take on Easter? How about the egg-otic granadilla or passion fruit instead of a egg. Still harvesting these, filled with all the “good goodies”.

Here is wishing all family and friends and bloggers a very happy Easter. Take care and enjoy the break with 99% cocoa chocolates in moderation…

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little bit of time out …transpired to the idea of “mechanical animals” as the after thought of the Venetian glass dog. {previous post}

In the Cape southern peninsula going towards Scarborough coming from cape point or over the mountain from Simonstown, you will find a place called the cape farm house. A nice website to check out more info on all the "going ons" and artwork.

The rustic farm environment lends itself wonderfully for a city escape and interesting sculptures of scrap yard type car parts or any other machinery. The exhaust horse which is actually a zebra is my favourite; exhaust pipes cleverly put together, representing the stripes?

An "African" scenery on the ostrich farm. Did the crocodile empty the ostrich eggs? Watch this space as we conjure up some “eggcentric, eggciting” egg stories with a bit of a twist, gearing up for Easter .