Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nature, the best artist at work:

This poor blog is suffering serious neglect syndrome, the owner has become so preoccupied with photography work where the images tell a story and story-writing has been placed at the very back, the end of the line...☺
Two years ago, yep also missed the blog's birthday; I started with the image of the estuary's sunset and here is a detail of the mountains, that line the backdrop of the Zandvlei estuary, being enhanced by the mist and fiery sunset working the little clouds...☺
And to top it all, I would like to thank everyone, my family and friends who sent all the wonderful birthday messages and wishes in all kinds of formats, from voice to printed matter on my special day yesterday...☺The party is still rolling on, until the birthday-girl realizes the head and heart are younger than her body...
So with the onslaught of winter, the wet, cold season in the Cape we will be more indoors and share more in stories to come, so dont give up, on this poor blog as we start to enhance and unfold things one by one und only...☺...