Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reflections / Reflecting

SMS, a word used every day without any further thought and not part of our usual vocabulary a couple of years ago. As I was getting totally mesmerized with these reflections of the fisher-boats in Kalk Bay Harbour, a whole lot of abstract images where being created in front of my eyes through the camera lens and all that was needed a little turn here and press the shutter button and voila an abstraction of an artwork in the making and caught in a blink, that's when it occurred to me, ropes and buoys all part of the expression SOS and enjoying this process was definitely part of my SMS as in saving my soul....sending out an "sms", a message in a bottle, weird how sometimes things are wired...enjoy these images as I definitely enjoyed capturing them. And this was also an inspiration from Wicus Leuwner, a long time ago...

It all started with an overall picture and then the absorption of more detail as you go along.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ceramic Conversations

Yes, its been a while, I've even forgotten how all this works, thanks to those that still take a peak at this blog, I will keep it more updated and join it to the behind the stories of the new images that appear on the flickr stream...

The new year of 2011 is already in it's second week and it was a lovely welcoming change to go the Irma Stern museum and be absorbed in the wonderful ceramic work of Clementina van der Walt and Hennie Meyer. The exhibition is aptly named:"Ceramic Conversations" and runs until the 15th of January 2011.

"Dinner Installation" of Clementina's work at the Irma Stern Museum.

Some detail of beautiful plates. Great portraits and use of colours.

Irma Stern's studio at the museum, love this space and the old potter's kick-wheel in the background.

As you proceed upstairs to the actual exhibition, a kaleidoscope of colour and shapes of these quirky wall hanging vases welcome you... absolutely stunning.

More surprises around every corner, some black & white work from Clementina.

Some of Hennie Meyer's work, love the very organic shapes with this surface treatment and "cheeky" looking handles.

Hennie Meyer's Teapots

Beautifully applied functionality and yet standing proudly as "art pieces".

And more of this later, if you happen to be in Cape Town, take time out to enjoy two of our very successful and inspiring Ceramic Artists in South Africa.

Have a wonderful, inspiring and calming 2011.