Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gone Fishing

Change of scenery can work wonders even if it is only for a weekend. Time out can be like 30 days in your head even if it was only for a few hours; well it sure feels like that.
Affordable, value for money and pet- friendly places are starting to become quite an interesting exercise. Luckily we found such a place and like in most cases were not too sure what to expect as the internet was our guide and that does not always match up to reality, you know what I mean.

Charming little beach cottage in Vermont which is a little seaside village outside Hermanus, about one and half hours drive from Cape Town along the coast. Nestled near the beach and a lake with gentle giants, as in mountains filled with fynbos as your backdrop scenery.
A simple ,comfortable and quite spacious wooden cottage erected on a kite shaped plot, hence the name. Have a look at and of course I could not resist “shooting” the attention to the detail placed so welcoming in this home from home. Most importantly what has been discovered is all “real”, no make believe…Enjoy.

Cute little painting for the kite cottage.

Sleepy dog guarding the entrance.

Love these cupboards.

More detail of the cupboard

The utilization of space in the door...

Detail of an 'Art Deco' Handle belonging to a stove.

Interesting bathroom mirror with little painted, wooden offcuts.

Swimming with dolphins?

Shelly Curtain tie-back

The outdoors, plants that belong here naturally.

Not to mention the most beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

Perfect end of the day, magic to take into your dreams...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wishing all family and friends a prosperous new year, all the very best for 2010.
Let it be filled with lots of happiness, love and peace. Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.
2009 was really the most challenging and sadest year for me so far, I hope it can only get better from here onwards.