Thursday, May 29, 2008

kite festival

Once a year Zandvlei, more towards Muizenberg comes alive with a kite festival. It creates such magic to see flying fish, lizards,elephants,teddy bears and so much more, the mind boggles . Hopefully there will be one this year.

Pluto is flying a bit low, unusal, as the wind was not strong this time around. Then again you don't want to deal with a howling wind nor a howling dog..

I also want one...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

zandvlei trust

copyright retained by abf

Yes, I know I'm busy "saturating" this theme and yes I do get out.. but this place has a certain magic that I've unfortunately not explored properly before and the best of it all, is its within walking distance. I've promised myself never to take these places for granted and the outside "issues" as in social,political etc, that are not meant for this sacred platform, are brainwashing us to total numbness. No, I'm not an ostrich either but there is a time and place for everything and most importantly let us not forget there is a much bigger picture out there. No, I'm not preaching either but there is only one planet, one perfect round blue and green ball,{well the astronauts say so} taking us through various journey's. No, this is not another "green issue" blog but one more thought,we were confronted ,warned asked to do something a very long time ago. Ahhh but the very tool, we have at our disposal, the Internet,yes I think its working better at the drop by drop ratio,then any other media many moons ago. Okay so I was I bit young and television got introduced in the 70's in this country; maybe a blessing in disguise. Oh no, I've gone totally off the beaten track, its too serious..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looks really like the cape grape vines, the size and weight of them ,passionfruit, is unbelievable.

Never knew that they are so full of nutrients :

"tons" of vitamins and minerals.

Not to mention the exotic flower.

I have to make use of this platform to show off these glorious fruits, normally not something I would really mention, let alone boast about, but its extremely therapeutic. There is not even a tell tale sign that I do "gardening". Another reason to go on & on is that it is quite challenging to grow "food" near the sea approx. 2 km away within the howling, salt laden ever famous South Easter winds, the cape of storms. The soil is very sandy so "tons" of homemade compost has to come to the rescue. Now moles have discovered this is also a nice place to be,lets party especially near full moon. What really spurred this show off ,was the comparison to other grenadilla's or passionfruit, mine won hands down on beauty ,size and taste. These are incredibly sweet and with lots of flesh. Starting to sound like a advertising campaign but its really great to have backyard success stories. That includes the strawberries and cape gooseberry. These fotos are not made up or enhanced or taken off the web, they are real from Anja of one und only, nor is this story, its all true." Don't be so serious." I think I must start a Schmunzel ecke. [nice german word] Most of all I better get back to some art, hey but inspiration happens at every corner [of the eye]

Sunday, May 18, 2008

These pictures were taken at Zandvlei 6pm, with a little drizzle and the westerly sunset setting the scene at the back of table mountain. okay this particular sunset is a rare occasion, as it was extremely humid and a typical , tropical atmosphere, This shot also needs work through some of the famous software's. Unfortunately this one caught me unawares not prepared for the drizzle and between my wonderful attentive birthday calls from family and friends from far afield. Wouldn't it be interesting to be at lots of places at the same time ? Starting to sound greedy with the concept of time, want it all. (Photo copyright ABF).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What happened ? dunno! knowledge of, use of, mistrust of, I consciously deleted things due to not knowing what I'm doing, and seeing things like icons not exactly sure why they are there and so on. talking in riddles well this how I feel when using this stuff, beriddled. Things should be much simpler and straight forward all these choices taking you deeper in deeper in the realms of what?

photo copyright retained by abf

So its better just to go out there and have face value of the one and only planet and be conscious of whats there in moment of time. Another of my trying shots and trying to figure out all this techi stuff available to us . Sunset in Cape Town, a block away from me and its not even a concrete jungle, lucky,lucky. Yes we see Table Mountain but from the back and this its mountain range leading up to or going from. So lets continue figuring things out and put a sign up : work in progress, thats so handy...