Friday, September 26, 2008

There used to be a job description called 'girl friday'. Well I've decided to put this in another context and make Friday's a girl day. Decadent, indulgent and just time out for girls. I'm going seriously PINK, not my favourite colour but for today it's really such a lift/boost.

This ice cream 'parlour' [due to chandelier] is on Muizenbergs beach front and called Sinfull..The pink water running in the background really caught my attention on a rainy grey day and the ice cream, decadent and creamy with lovely flavours.

Some more fun, one of my own handmade platters with some decadence, looks like I'm really longing for sunny days.

What is 'girly' friday without flowers. Some wild fig blossoms from the west coast. Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When all the ‘bling’ goes on the blink. Why is it that when one thing goes wrong more will follow suit, like a domino effect or is it ‘Murphy’s law’.

A washing machine is “necessary” luxury, in other words bling. Well, mine decided to turn the jet engines to propellers.

While taking this image it struck me how futuristic it looks and how these appliances have evolved over the years. What is even more mind boggling is that repairing will cost nearly as much as getting a new machine…

So the next thing that goes on the blink is the good old fashioned telephone. Classified as luxury, bling because a large number of people do not have access to this necessary facility of communication.

6 days,…Telkom, who is still the main monopoly, decided to finally send a’ technician’. The most frustrating process, even with all the technology at bay, when the line is dead. What eventually sparked was to physically be with a consultant at their offices and place the long awaiting process into action. People with time constraints must find this very medieval. Hearing a dialling tone though…, wow what can I say.

The Internet, or rather the access to it, is really the biggest puzzle of them all.
To try and resolve a PC problem with the guidance of the service provider, with the absence of a landline was quite consuming. Needless to say the precious, costly, bling bandwidth still gets chewed on at sporadic intervals as soon as connection commences, hence the long absence.

And this is for all the damn spywares , spams, cookies, malware, viruses etc, bunch of piranhas ‘tagging’ along the main sharks, chew them , delete them…

Handpainted on a puddle platter, earthenware by Anja

In the same time frame the president decides to resign. [Go on blink]. Was showing off all that bling of a navy fleet, a story behind the story, one of the last straws ? [previous post]

And somewhere between all this bling on blink it’s officially spring, cold, wet and snow caps. The equinox, more tilt to the sun of the earth’s axis, please don’t go on the blink…

Monday, September 8, 2008

It looks like I have to start "blommetjie" [little flower] blog; but bear with me,it's Monday and it's grim, grey and raining again. Besides this is internationally famous, people visit from far to experience this.

Saturday, sunny t-shirt day and off we go to the unspoilt West Coast Sea Village of Yzerfontein,approximately 80 km from Cape Town. The main reason is that it is one of the first accessible places to find the 'wild' daisies and vygies: .

I've managed to create a weak spot for flowers with house - hubby because he only tackles the West Coast for abalone, crayfish and fish but now he says he feels like a criminal the minute he puts on his flippers, the logistics for recreational diving are unmentionably sad. So compensation came disguised as fish for lunch with amazing sea view and not a breeze...

Anyway, back to the blommetjies, we found them, different variety of patches, no carpets of colourful outbursts of once a year spring show offs; faces following the sun.

Can you imagine what the "Impressionist" artists like Claude Monet would have done with this; an absolute field day...

Just slightly closer

Close up

and all varieties in one frame, the daisies and the vygie. [see above for link]

The rest I'm keeping for later because rumour has it these are the last of the season, glad we caught them and the sun and the time...

Friday, September 5, 2008

A real try and squeeze in everything kind of day: mellow,yellow,sunny and windless and just going on minding my own 'busyness'.

My kids [4-legged] Bonnie and Clyde love their run at the estuary [Zandvlei].

"No, we don't see no bees", this is fun yellow flowers just for us once a year. Absolutely stunning.

Then I decided to do the "catwalk" without the dogs. Its a promenade next to the sea and the railway line and main road. 3 ways of transport modes. all in one line and its been there for a long time.

The locomotive 'dumps' these carriages here at the Muizenberg Railway station. Its a hotel on wheels, called the Shongolo and they are stationed next to the sea and get transported to all their various activities. The everyday train passes here and is partly yellow.

So, further along I notice the show off of the navy fleet and this sign got caught in the middle of things and I found it kind of apt.

Quite close to the shore, and the whales are in this water right now too.

Then further towards Kalk Bay, the next sea village at Sundown 'er time another sign caught my eye, outside a popular restaurant. I'm still minding my own business.

Normally, this is not my kind of blog material but all these signs just gave me the sign,they demanded attention. All in a few hours.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weather logistics are still very much at play: The Cape of Storms scarily whipping and slashing its path, swelling the sea to monstrous, threatening heights, never ending rain and hail [check blog: notes from the cape ] with added chill factor of snow on mountains not yet visible. Check found different kind of 'snow' more like slightly melted marshmallows frothing and lashing about.

Personally, we had some damage and leakage control to attend to. The transparent fibreglass roof sheeting of car-port nearly had a 'rip roaring party' of it's own and around here along the main roads some up-rooted trees, lots of branches and blown over signboards. What's really curious is the constant, reliable supply of our ever so controversial electricity...

With 'cooped' up indoor activities, I decided to bring the beach to me and play, with a purpose of course. I promised to do this some time ago and eventually figured out a more artistic approach.

Muizenberg has it's own logo/brand. The stylised design depicts the beach huts in their glorious primary colours; also to be found on flags along Main Road in Muizenberg.

Found this calender picture from some time ago.
Together with the logo you will find a logo store. Interestingly, this one is in the Rustenberg Pharmacy on Beach Road. Novelty gifts, stationary, t- shirts and souvenirs all from a beach hut and interesting fotos of a bygone era. When you've run out of gift ideas and need something from this area, go check out the logo store. For more details look at the link of the whale heritage site under shop and dine.

"Building" with the beach sand is really extremely therapeutic and its such wonderfully fine , smooth, running texture. [ like refined salt]

Ahh, there is a glimmer, shimmer of light, nothing beats going to the real, big 'sand- pit' and who knows, next we'll bring snow or move the mountain home, well okay, I'll wait for the 'sun button' then...