Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Remember one of the best kept secrets of the Cape? Yes, wind still and sunny winters days. We have been blessed with a couple and it really helps to lighten up the mind: body, soul & spirit. I’m continuously attracted to the waterfront in the pursuit of finding different things and happenings that are not in the tourist mainstream so to speak and also finding a lot of local designs that are not in the everyday mainstream for the locals.

At the Cape Town Waterfront you will find everything from the rich and famous, a little Monaco, to the poor, humble fisherman Oscar, who gave his only catch to a big fury seal and hence the life size sculpture of Oscar, the golden seal, in front of the table bay hotel.
Table mountain reflecting in windows of hotel.

Notice the motor yacht for the
One & Only hotel; a hotel "franchise" from Sol Kerzner, the man who dreamt up Sun City and Lost City and many more all over the world. By the way have a look at the sculptor Danie de Jager who also was comissioned besides the seal to some of the animal "structures"/ sculptures at Lost City.

This is not exactly the London Bridge or any of those in the Netherlands but progressive never the less for South Africa.

Progress report on the building of the enormous stadium for the 2010 soccer world cup. Just another angle from the far end at the helicopter pad at the waterfront.

As the days progress we will find more warmth and bug you with some sunset and evening shots when all comes alive at this remarkable place, the waterfront, that also started with humble beginnings.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

While you sharing this day with another famous icon of our country, Nelson Mandela, I thought we ought to put you in the limelight too , even if its so small. The internet is jammed as everybody wants to be part of this important birthday.{lol}

Ahhh cute, even your father could'nt resist carrying you around and that mob of hair? hmm.

If they could only remain little and cute.

To us you will remain Eggi. Enjoy your day. Alles Gute zu Deinen Geburtstag.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Presies/Presents/ Gifts/

Gift: my late German grandmother was always quite perturbed by that word, as it means poison in German. No resemblance to her ‘Geschenke’ word. We always looked forward to all her presies she would lovingly make or select and wrap and ship to our shores, all those goodies we couldn’t get here, in South Africa, in those days. So, I have an incredible weakness for presies and especially if they have been handmade by the actual person who is giving me a presie. And when it’s also for no reason, unexpected and out of the blue, it really makes you feel special.

Steffi has done just that. Its one thing to follow on her blog how she selects her fabrics and sews all these wonderful clothes, cushions and bags, amongst other things, but to actually have it in reality is just something else. The interesting choice of fabric for the cushion and the appropriate choice for a “winter” handbag… what fun, and what makes this even more special is that this was chosen for me in the making process and we have never met. So as you can gather I really love these presies, gifts, Geschenke.

Cushion with interesting fabric at the back as well...

Detail of cushion and logo...

lovely, big, fun and warm bag for our winter...

Detail of fabric on handbag.

The reason for this, yes there is always a link, her husband, coming from Germany, decided to surprise their daughter, who is currently doing volunteer work at the junior Muizenberg school {in Cape Town} for a couple of months, which was a suggestion via Wendren . And this is only a small fraction of blog social networking at play… No wonder the suitcase was so full. Sweet…

So, Steffi, we have met your daughter and husband, when are we going to meet you? Virtual is all fine and well but nothing beats the real thing…I still don’t know how you found my blog so quickly with the first post?

Thanks again for my wonderful surprise.

Guten Flug zurueck fuer Dein Mann heute.

Have good weekend everyone…