Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Muizenberg beach tonight, looking out towards Simonstown and part of Fish- Hoek.

What a lovely end of the day today. Nearly 8 pm, in the evening and Muizenberg beach is balmy, people are still surfing and swimming, crazy...


And the winner of the foto competition of nearly 4000 foto entries is a grandmother of 74. The image of the house in ruins in the Swellendam area. If you look at the second paragraph they chose 10 finalists and then the readers chose the 2 that should win. The image of the fisherman on the rocks in Mosselbaai is the runner-up. {It’s the summary from the Afrikaans}

This just goes to show, digital technology is accessible and easy for anyone and the future in how anything will be conducted/applied. Interestingly females are picking up the camera and “shooting” . All female winners and whenever I go out with the camera I notice more and more women taking on the “professional” digital world.

Well, my image remained in Galery 53, unfortunately, better luck next time…
Muizenberg and the iconic bath huts. Mountains leading up to Rooi Els in the background. False Bay.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hearts, hearts, hearts working up to Valentine?

More fun and different takes on matters of the heart in a seriously lighthearted manner.

Pouring out your heart? {from glass pitcher this time}

To my hearts content{s} or {constraint}

My bead{t}ing heart, today I saw some more of them, three dimensionally and in red...

Let your heart melt...

Most importantly follow your heart.

Enjoy the weekend and make everyday a Valentine day and listen to your heart...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Too heart {hard} to handle:

Just a bit of fun. Ceramic handles on copper vessels in juxtapositions with some hearts. The quirky shapes with the intriguing little blue painted, stylised flowers was the actual draw cards of these items. Whenever things get too hard to handle place a" heart" and take a new look.

Detail of a handle from a kettle.

The wood carrier which must have been for coal due to the very deep round basin and wide spout. Love the little lion feature that connects the handle to copper- pot

Love the extended handles on this little copper bowl and I use this a lot for floating candles. Somewhat strangley cosy for our heat at the moment, must be all the snow images .

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting caught up with Valentine?

Just another take on this strange day of celebration. The heart shape and its origin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_(symbol) Somewhere else I came across the fact that the ivy leaf was also an inspiration on drawing the heart shape. Hence the ivy leaf detail on a plate and a plant holder I have made some time ago.

It is also inspiring to see local ceramic artist that are making use of the blog. If you check Clementina’s blog {on my bloglist} have a look at John Shirley, Elsbeth Burkhalter and last but definitely not least Eugene Hon; since I’ve studied Ceramics, many moons ago, I have been a" secret admirer" of his work and its wonderful to see the ceramic sculptures from those days all categorically placed on a wonderful blog. Unfortunately I was not one of his students at the time, different institution...

Keep an eye on this space as I conjure up more
light-hearted takes on the matters of the heart leading up to this 'economic' day of Valentines.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Innocently I was preparing a post about flies. Curiously strange and maybe not so wise just a part of our summer life, never the less. So I’m busy downloading the images that I shot for this story and a strange smell, like wet ash, started to occupy the airwaves. It is unfortunately the time for fires to flare up in the Cape but this is now right under my nose. Yes, the PC “box” was smoking, the shots were that hot. {Have to blow my own trumpet, just kidding, after effects…}

The result is that now we have developed a smokescreen {saver}. Anyone interested, please leave your used Euros, Pounds and Dollars at the above e-mail. (Profile). Okay, so it’s just a good old fashioned fly- door, the ones you nostalgically remember from the butchers in those curious places in the country. Strangely at the sea with all the wind, I possess a fly door and would be lost without it, no, I’m not a butcher nor a fish monger.

Furthermore, the food and liquids get covered by these “fly- covers”. Always enjoy how the beads are niftily crafted by the local people and of course” ways with shells” at the ocean…

Do you still want to hurt a fly, just look at that smile. Luckily they are made of Ceramics. You didn’t seriously think I was going to give you a big, live green African Fly? Those are for the chameleons, lizards, frogs and whoever else needs them in their diet.

Just a strange still life, squashed ceramic fly between horns, or rather in a very tight spot, I dare say it’s all a bit weird but hey that’s life, just like the flies and the peculiar phrases we use them in. And hoping to succeed in placing them in another light...

I'm watching you.