Sunday, November 30, 2008

1 Advent

Tradition prevails as we make way for the first Advent. It's really also an excuse for me to make the home more festive {and play}. The only difference is that its summer and still light into the early evening hours, but gemuetlich {cosy} none the less. I also make use of my "handmade" ceramic advent ring which allows me to use fresh summer flowers , that are now in abundance.

Here I'm trying something that is less traditional. 4 floating tea lights in one of my "handmade" bowls with,yep, you guessed it a supported floating flower.

Enjoy your Sunday evening and erster Advent.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Lots of flowers: {for girl{y} Friday}

I cannot help myself I'm hooked on flowers at the moment. Summer has definitely come this way and it was really the most fabulous day at the beach and that in Muizenberg. At the moment the camera is still 'driving' me, so here goes to some practice shots and bear with me while I'm hunting down resource material with a bit more substance to share as we are happy go lucky just like the season.

Just when you thought I'm only growing vegetables and fruit.

Enjoy the weekend and take time to smell the flowers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vegetable Progress Report: {from seeds of previous post not so long ago}

I’m seriously stalking our bean stalks. The anticipation of home grown beans is serious high maintenance. What? You thought growing them is work, no, it’s the waiting game. The race is on, who will be the first to the kitchen the tomatoes or the beans?

I’m always amazed how much ‘food’ one can really grow in a few square metres, limited direct sunlight due to the shadow of buildings, constant strong sea winds and controlled water supply. This is when my thoughts go in appreciation to people that tackle this on big scale {especially organically} and face the challenging natural elements like the recent floods again.

Radishes, so easy to grow and very versatile and to top it all, power punched full with all the necessary daily goodies your body needs fresh, raw and immediately, ever wondered why their storage life is non existent?

No excuses permissible grow your own “food” its simple and worth it, ten fold. Or is this a start of a new business plan?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl{y} Friday

Winding down for the weekend in a ' light hearted' manner.

Whats a girl gotta do if she cannot find anything in the clothing department ?

Could not resist getting more of these christmas baubles as they are enjoyable all year round.

The sunlight creates twinkly magic with this strange texture on the inside.

Create and enjoy some magic this weekend and any other day, of course.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whether to mention the weather is reaching weathered proportions. Oh dear, this reminds me of serious English lessons from school days, the teacher would always blow the letter h wherever applicable.

Talking of which; it blew, yep, this place did not get the name Cape of Storms for no reason. In local news reports the wind reached gale force speed of 35 knots and people trying to walk in Cape Town City had to hold on to things of sturdy nature or each other.

Weathered by the sea air and driftwood niftily turned into a handle.

Detail of a rusted wheelbarrow, not much escapes the weathering effects of the elements at work.

Except tiles.

These are on a building in Kalk Bay where you will find the ‘potters shop’ [lovely ceramic gallery and supplies] . A historical scenery of that very spot. The use of just the blue is so simple and effective. A ‘painting’ on clay, now there is something that should be demanding more ‘investive’ attention.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Girl[y] Friday:

Warmer weather and longer sunlit days definitely prioritize more outdoor activities.
And with a new toy to study, everything will be standing still and run into near total neglect.

This GIRL, yes me, joined the semi-professional rank {no, not the navy}, its bye bye happy snappy days, hello DSLR Camera [digital single lens reflex] with all the bells and whistles, as in lenses.

Researching for a purchase of a camera is more daunting then figuring out the mechanics and its applications. How brand names play such a major role even on consumers with a tight budget is mind boggling and it surely does not end there either.

So watch the pictures progress as I venture into the unknown ‘depth of field’ passing the security of the auto mode button and shouting for much needed help of tons of useful hints and tips.

With shy exposure , my flower of the day, serious tomatoes in progress, the soldiers of beans and radishes surviving all battle tactics.

So here goes, shoot girl shoot.{ Directly quoted from my sister}

Have a wonderful weekend!