Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sir Cliff Richard:

News24 user Anja Friese Cloete sent us this photo of Cliff Richard on his way to have lunch at Kalk Bay harbour and signing autographs for some of his local fans.
Sometimes between all the bad news one must just add a surprise candid shot. This was a luck and so down to earth, totally unexpected and it made their day, the fisher community at Kalk Bay Harbour with Sir Cliff Richard signing autographs on waterproof aprons to old newspaper that actually gets used for wrapping the sold fresh fish....I also send this through to the local newspaper...☺☻☺ I wish I could fill all those pages with good news!! Enjoy!☺☻☺


Steffi said...

Wow...Anja -great shot!I think that was a big event there!

Kelly Simpson said...

your blog looks very interesting!